Forestry Mulching

forestry mulching

What is forestry mulching

Forestry mulching is essentially the mulching of most or all of undergrowth whilst leaving all established trees. This is our main focus area which is also a relatively new type of land management in Australia, but we believe it is the way of the future. Forestry mulching is the most environmentally friendly land clearing method in the industry, as mulching reduces the carbon footprint by leaving the stored carbon in the mulched component. It is 100% recyclable which eliminates any removal or burning off of materials and instead turns everything straight into mulch, and returns all the nutrients back into the soil making it better for the environment. The type of mulching process we use reduces environmental hazards and fire risk by reducing vegetation, weeds and undergrowth, and creating fire breaks without the need to back-burn. We will also be able to selectively mulch targeted species and create hazard separation zones and fuel buffers with the removal of noxious weeds, plants and trees.

All this is achievable with one machine making it more time efficient and cheaper for customers than any other method. The machinery runs on diesel therefore it can still be used throughout the summer and fire restriction period (except total fire-ban days). It is very versatile and can operate on slopes and in thick forest areas and work in tight and varying terrain at very productive and cost effective rates, whilst leaving compost and biomass in the soils.

The benefits of forestry mulching are:forestry mulching cockatoo

  • environmentally friendly
  • 100% reusable, recycled material
  • removes unproductive trees with no damage to safe trees
  • holds moisture to help re-germination
  • less emissions and no smoke
  • no haul off material and no tip fees
  • protects against run-off and helps stops erosion
  • enhances the soil
  • invasive species removal
  • less risk to wildlife
  • pasturing new ground
  • less labour intensive & more time efficient, means lower costs

Other services with the mulching attachment

  • Creating fire breaks/tracks
  • Property and fence line clearing
  • Clearing fruit orchards and vineyards
  • Power line brush and tree management
  • Pre-development clearing
  • Pasture restoration

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